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Probiotic Peptide Serum Plus

Probiotic Peptide Serum Plus

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Probiotic Peptide Serum PlusTM is a nutrient dense anti aging power serum that was inspired by functional food for the skin. This serum uses the power of probiotics, peptides,and powerful antioxidants to renew tired lackluster skin, while boosting collagen and healing damaged cells. This serum is stable but for best results and to maintain efficacy refrigeration storage is required.

Skin Type: For All skin types 

What can it do for me:

*Anti-aging (fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity)

*Increases collagen production

*Prevents water loss in the skin to maintain skin's moisture content

*Aids in skin texture

*Potent antioxidants, Helps new blood vessels grow

*Aids in healing, Reduces discoloration


After cleansing, on clean dry skin Apply DNA Probiotic Peptides SerumTM to areas needed for firming and elasticity. Let dry completely. 8 drops should cover the face and neck. Peptides are best used alone and should not be cocktailed with other products. Cocktailing can be done on top of after Peptides are absorbed.

If you're using Photo hydrating scrub its best used before cleanser when using peptides. 

Peptides are best used alone on clean dry skin and then cocktail necessary treatment serums and moisturizers on top.

A peptide is a biologically occurring chemical compound containing two or more amino acids connected to one another by peptide bonds.

Shelf Life:

Probiotic Peptide Plus SerumTM should be refrigerated. Product shelf life unopened and refrigerated is 3 years. After opening, and stored in the refrigerator, the product is good for up to 6 months.

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