Esthetician with a passion of clean products, here to give you a nourishing facial, share clean skincare, makeup and body product knowledge, life hacks, tips and tricks with a podcast and blog.
Sharing my knowledge about these products as well my health journey in what has helped me live a more nourished life, hoping it will help you or someone you know do the same. Now put down that chore list and jump in the ocean! 
Trained and certified with a functional medicine doctor that has created a certified organic skincare line, and having a love for continuing education I've created this space offering relaxing facials, a site you can purchase organic skincare, makeup and body products. With a blog and podcast sharing stories hoping to help you feel a little more nourished and a bring a slow vibe to your day. 
I enjoy educating clients about skincare gut health and the everyday products you use, since the skin is our largest organ. I hope this space inspires you to move your body everyday, helping you create your new favorite morning smoothie to an easy dinner recipe and finding your perfect simple at home skincare routine.
I love working with clean skincare/beauty brands and healthy clean food brands so if you'd like to collaborate and create something fun together please reach out!